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Xperia™ Unread

0.99 usd

Xperia™ Unread works only with the Xperia™ Home launcher (including modified versions of the launcher).Xperia™ Unread shows unread counts for: SMS, Missed calls, Gmail, K-9 Mail and WhatsApp in the Xperia™ Home launcher.
Xperia™ Unread can also show number of notifications for virtually any app that displays notifications, including: Skype, Viber, etc if the Xperia Unread accessibility service is enabled. Note that the number of notifications shown not always coincides with the number of unread messages.
Note: As of version 30 of Facebook, Facebook and Facebook Messenger unread counts should be managed by the respective app itself. You dont need Xperia™ Unread for showing Facebook unread counts anymore.
Unread counts will show as a numeric badge on the respective app icon.
* All SMS and Phone apps are supported and you can select which apps in these categories to show unread counts. * If you are using GO SMS Pro, goto Settings -> Advanced -> Receive Settings and untick "Disable other message notification". This is required for the unread SMS count to work correctly.
Xperia™ is a trademark or registered trademark of Sony Mobile Communications AB